Mahjong Dark Dimensions

It is a board game originating in China and is a very popular board game in the Middle East. Although it is known by other names in the Far East, it is referred to as 'Chinese Domino'. 247 Mahkong is played in sets of 136 and 144 pieces. 2022 Mahjong Game and more are available on our site.

How to Play Mahjong

Mahjong is a very special game, it is a very popular game that requires intelligence and character. In Mahjong, each stone has a pair and each stone has a different pattern on it. Floral gems count as a group and can only be matched with each other, free mahjong is a very popular game in Asian Continent, gems reflecting the seasons form a group and can be matched with each other. The stones are built on top of each other in the form of a pyramid, you can start the game by choosing the same ones from the stones lined up in the form of a pyramid and matching them. After matching the same tiles, the bottom tiles are unlocked. Mahjong 247 game lovers, have fun all of you.

Mahjong Games Information

The history of the game of mahjong dates back to ancient times and was made of ivory and bone, now it is only made of plastic. It is mostly played with 144 and 136 pieces. There is a difference between the two numbers, they are divided into floral teams and seasonal teams. It is known by different names in Far East countries.

Mahjong Cheats

In Mahjong, in order to match a piece, it must not be empty, at least one or both sides must not be adjacent to any stone, we cannot eliminate stones that are surrounded by stones on three or four sides depending on where the stone is located. The main objective of the game is to match all the tiles and reduce the remaining number of tiles. It is very important to finish the mahjong online game as soon as possible.

Mahjong History

It attracted a lot of attention in China and the Middle East until the beginning of the 20th century, and it is accepted that Mahjong emerged in the 19th century. After 1920 it became a board game played all over the world, with Australia, England and the United States. In 1937, the 'National Mahjong League' was established in the US country.

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